Online Membership Enrollment

  • Step 1: Get Started
    • This online membership enrollment process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Step 2: Eligibility
    • To join Virginia Credit Union, you must be eligible for membership and there are various ways to qualify. Please select the first statement from the list below that applies to you. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible or you don’t see an option that describes you, please call us for assistance.
  • Step 3: Electronic Disclosure and Consent Notice
    • Please read and accept the terms of the following notices and agreements. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher is required to view these documents.

      Electronic Disclosure and Consent Notice

      By checking the box below, you agree that you have received, read, and give your consent to terms and conditions contained in our CONSUMER DISCLOSURE AND CONSENT TO RECEIVE NOTICES AND DISCLOSURES ELECTRONICALLY.

      Account Agreement and Rate Disclosure

      By checking the box below, you agree that you have received, read, and give your consent to terms and conditions contained in our ACCOUNT AGREEMENT and RATE DISCLOSURE.

  • Step 4: Account Owner Information
  • Step 5: Accounts and Services
    • , here are your selected accounts, products & services.

      We have added a $5 Member Share account. This represents your share in the ownership in the credit union. Joint owners and beneficiaries can only be added to Regular Checking and Savings accounts.

      Accounts Selected
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      Add Accounts, Products & Services

      Clicking an item below may require you to provide additional information.

  • Step 6: Account Summary
    • Please review the account and service information you have chosen and edit your selections if needed. You will be asked to fund the Total Amount shown below in the next step.

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      Account OwnersToolTip    
      Primary Joint Beneficiary

      Account Initial Amount

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      Total Amount: $0.00

  • Step 7: Funding
    • Please provide us with the information about the credit card or debit card you will use to fund your accounts.
      Credit/Debit Card
      Name as it appears on card:
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      Card Expiration Date:
      Card Security Code: ToolTip
      Total Amount$0.00

      Card Billing Address
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      Refund PolicyOnce your initial deposit is confirmed, a refund of the deposit will not be issued on your debit card or credit card account; funds may only be returned via withdrawal from the applicable account.
      By submitting this application, you are requesting membership in Virginia Credit Union.
  • Step 8: Confirmation and Status
    • Receipt Your payment has been processed. Below is the payment information for your purchase. You may click the Print button to keep a copy for your records.
      Merchant: Virginia Credit Union
      Purchase Date:
      Credit Card Type:
      Credit Card Number:
      Authorization Code:

      Thank you for becoming a member-owner of Virginia Credit Union!

      The accounts you requested have been opened, as detailed below. You may print this information for your reference. If you do so, please store it in a secure location.



      Next Steps

      At this time you may sign up for Online Banking using the Enroll link on our home page. You’ll be asked to provide your new Member Number during that registration process. Within Online Banking you can view your accounts, apply for loans, open additional accounts and much more.

      We’ll be sending you a Membership & Account Application form to the address you provided. It’s important that you sign it and return it to us in order to complete your membership enrollment and avoid possible disruption to your services.

      At Virginia Credit Union we work hard to provide you with quality service, attractive rates, lower fees and resources that help you get ahead financially. If you have friends or family who could benefit from earning more and paying less, please tell them about us.